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Tomorrow it is lights out at all THCR locations, time to chill for the Hammer Crew. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends.

Downtown Spokane Chase Building soft opening tomorrow Nov. 26th. The "Cart" has been officially retired. Come see our new digs 90% complete......Cheers.

Downtown Chase Building soft
opening, tomorrow Nov. 26th. Say goodbye to the cart and hello to our new digs. Cheers!

So you may think we here at Hammer's are all coffee, but check out Alli at EWU's tribute to the Holidays and her effort keeping the real meaning alive. She has up her Gobble Gobble sign as the students and prof's are getting ready for the holiday season and has had construction paper and kids scissors out for people to make hand turkeys. Customers write down what they are thankful for, and she is making a garland out of it. Not only does she run a cranking coffee stand but takes time to spread the Cheer. Cheers to you Alli.

Our Wall St remodel is soooo close to completion! Starting Sunday, you'll need to enter through the Chase Building Lobby doors on Main St to get a cup of the good stuff! Downtown's tiniest coffee shop is moving into the new space so we can finish off the storefront. You'll get a sneak peek! Cheers!

We'll be a-samplin' fresh baked scratch scones 10am-Noon Friday & Saturday in Post Falls & Hayden! It doesn't get better than a hot mug of the "good stuff" & a tasty treat! We will also be taking orders for frozen scone rounds from Cheryl's Scones, for a day before Thanksgiving pick-up! Cheers! Stay safe & warm Hammer friends!

Hammer is coming to Suncrest!
Another bulk display heading to the new Rosauers located at 5912 State Route 291 near Lakeside High School. Grand Opening December 3rd. Cheers.

The hippest Winter Cup has landed. Yep, We are launching our first ever "Winter-Holiday Cup" starting tomorrow and we know you all would want something a little extra stylish. To Celebrate.......tomorrow Wednesday the 19th from Noon to 2pm
at any location, just tell the barista "The Winter Cup Rocks!" and get a 12oz. Hot caramel apple cider brewed up on the Chief! Happy Holidays & Cheers.

We have rounded third base and heading for home this week with the Downtown remodel, new store is just days away. Cheers.

A sneak peak at a little surprise coming in the next couple of days to your favorite Hammer location. Cheers.

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