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K-Cup sale is coming very soon.

The Creative Hammer Office staff (of Chris and Annie) built us our very own life-like fireplace and mantle out of gift pack boxes, paper cutouts for flames, can light, fan and lounge chairs including the mantle needed 8 by 10's. Very lodge like........Merry Christmas! Cheers.

Come celebrate our newest remodel and enjoy a free drink on us! Monday Dec. 15th .....8:00am to 10:00am free 12oz. Espresso Drink....simply FREE. Just tell the barista, “I dig the new digs”.

Bin 7 is headed to the shops. Available everywhere, Boise on Friday, Pullman and Moscow midday Thursday! For just $10.50 a bag, get outta here. Cheers.

Forgot to mention, our newest Single Serve cups aka the "K" are also available online at Cheers.

Single Serve cups are in our stores. Signature and Blue Eyes are $9.50 and Starry Night and Decaf are $9.95 both 12 packs. We might be the only one on the shelf with a Fair Trade/Organic K-Cup. They are coming the Rosauers Supermarkets in the very near future. Cheers.

Hammer Coffee Gift boxes available to ship right now. Need the perfect gift without the anxiety, head to our website and order one up and we will ship it out right quick. $24.95 to $29.95.......Cheers.

Bin 7 Fans.........the time is near. The 2014 Bin 7 lands in all locations next Thursday the 13th, keeping it fresh for the holidays. So what's new? Well all new packaging, so long silver tin.......and a new lower price. Why? So everyone may enjoy this little treat. It will be available online for pre-order starting tomorrow, shipping on the 14th. Also for the first time it will be also available in select grocery markets as well. Your taste buds will thank you. Cheers..

Hammer Gift Card Sale.........purchase $200.00 or more in Hammer Cards @ or in person at HQ Downtown Spokane (210 W. Pacific) and we will take 15% off the purchase......(one $200.00 card, two $100.00 cards, four $50.00 cards, or ten $20.00 cards.) Happy Holidays. Valid 12/01/2014 thru 12/24/2014

Tomorrow it is lights out at all THCR locations, time to chill for the Hammer Crew. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends.

Limited Edition Bin 7
Limited Edition Bin 7. Our exclusive holiday roast is here.

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