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POWERBUY. THCR Bulk & 12oz. Valve Bags.....$6.99. Get real. Serious, yep. Cheers. (July 30th-Aug 26th)

The Chief popped in Hayden this weekend for an excellent cup of Joe. prepared Kayla and Trista rocking the coffee bar....

Interviews today in the Palouse before school ramps up next month.......thought you all might like our sign in the window for passerbys Cheers

We are currently stocking the hippest mug around......the "creature cup".......sip 11oz of your favorite Hammer Joe and discover the creature at the bottom of your mug. Think about the visiting inlaws during the holidays......$13.95 (octopus, shark, T-Rex and the skull) Cheers.

Happy 4th of July! All but two of our stores are closed employees getting a good rest. Unfortunately pesky Mall rules keep our two Mall stores open.
Be safe and drink up, Hammer Style. KA-Boom, Tom

Best court in town!

Hey Spokane Hoopfest! We're slinging the good stuff this weekend downtown, corner of Main & Wall! Cheers!

Psst! One last thing Hoopfest-ers! We will giving all credential strutting Hoopfest volunteers $1.00 off of their espresso beverage at our cart location only, at the corner of Wall and Main. Pictured below... Game on!

Winner Winner! Thank you to everyone who posted their pictures this last week. The Chief loved all of them. Congrats to Brent Schneider and Michelle Blum Gormle for winning!

The time has arrived... Hoopfest 2014! Which obviously means we are having another photo contest... except this time lets go with Hoopfest style...! The Chief will choose two of his favorites and send them Hammer cards, this contest starts NOW and ends Monday June 30th at 12:00 pm.

We will have two locations for your jump start this weekend. Both on Main and Wall street. Come and see us on Saturday from 6am-6pm and Sunday from 7am-3:30pm.

Game on!

2 days left to show off your daily habit!! The Chief is giving away two, yes TWO, $20 dollar Hammer cards. First to the most creative and second to the most daring... Happy snapping...Cheers!
image of tumblers
Fill your Hammer tumbler and save 25ยข on an espresso drink each visit.

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