Welcome to the Thomas Hammer Coffee Family

Hand holding Thomas Hammer coffee cup

We’re so glad to have you join the team! This guide is meant to provide your company with specific information to help you get off to a great and productive start.


Our mission

We pride ourselves on our Excellence, Quality & Consistency.

THCR is an innovative Retail & Wholesale leader in the NW. We promise industry leading customer service and to provide & service the finest roaster & brewed coffees. We create environments that respect diversity, reward creative thinking and foster teamwork while nurturing our culture.


Team Hammer

Thomas Hammer, Owner & CEO

David Kubena, Senior Vice-President of Operations

Bud Barnes, Partner

Janet Williams, Vice President of Retail

Amanda Millican, Director of Sales

Kelcey Boyce, Account Executive/Customer Service Manager

Chris Anderson, Corporate Trainer

Andrew Miller, Retail District Manager

McKee Sitts, Retail District Manager

John, Delivery Manager

Jared Veslitis, Production Manager

Megan Kaminski, Local Area Marketing Manager